Advice Services: Bran Experience


We developed a really cool and distinctive promotion for this launch. We visited locations where the younger crowds hang out. With the help of “El Tony”, a local influencer who asks simple questions that most of the time are wrongly answered by the general public, we conduct a survey that include product sampling, to promote …

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Since 1889 Aunt Jemima was an American brand name recognized in most homes across the United States, especially for their delicious pancakes. In 2021 the brand faced a global brand modernization and adjustments. To promote the rebranding of the existing product in the market, we developed a new recipe for delicious donuts with the same …

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To try something new, we developed a variety of integrations to amplify brand recognition and trial. Giving away products in Bad Bunny´s ticket sales from very early hours. Exhibitors in Plaza las Americas in weeks of high frequency. Modernization of exhibitors to increase the attraction.Year: 2021- 222 Previous Next


Our one-size-fits-all programs and promotions in specific venues helped the brand increased shots sales by 17%. This execution appealed to a younger crowd in mass events, targeting customers with brand ambassadors, selling Don Q’s variety of flavors. Year: 2022 Previous Next